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Batch Coding Machinery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers and Exporters

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Batch Coding Machinery

Product Activities :
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of All Types Of Batch Coding Machinery, Specialised For Online Batch Coding Machinery And Fully Automatic Online Carton Batch Coding Machines ( Tablet & Capsule Cartons), Fully Automatic High Speed Online Field Carton Batch Coding Machines ( Liquid & Oinment Cartons )
Address : C/7, Maharashtra Auto Compound, Marol Naka, Andheri Kurla Rd., Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400059, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : 9821692235 / 9867849414

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Batch Coding Machines

Product Activities : Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of
Marking Machine And Coding Machine : Electro Mechanical Table Top Coder, Auto speed Continuous On-Line Batch Coder-Model - BCC-35-H, High Speed Stacking Coder Labels / Pouches / Cartons SLC-300 H, High Speed Carton Stacker Coder, High Speed Label & Carton Stacker Coder, High Speed Label Stacker Coder, High Speed Label & Carton Stacker Coder (GMP MODEL), Electro Pneumatic Coder, Auto Carton Coder, Hand Stamping Machines, Semi Automatic Batch Code Printer Handy, Semi Automatic Batch Code Printer Motorized, Ink-Jet Printer Model N0-320, Ink-Jet Printer Model N0-3100 H, Ink-Jet Printer Model N0-3100, Ink-Jet Printer Model N0-5100 H

Pad Printing Machines : PPM 40H Desktop electric pad printer, SPM-I Manual pad printer, ZXY-600 Straight-line pad printer, PZD-II Automatic capping pad printer

Hot File Coding Machines : HCP-28 Hot code printer, HFC 12X5 H Hot Code Printer, HFC 12X3 H Hot code printer, HIS 380 H Colored marking machine

Induction Sealing Machines : HIS-100 H Portable induction sealer, OIC-50 H Continuous Induction Sealing Machine, HIS -35 H Portable induction sealer, HIS 130 H Portable induction sealer, OIC-130 H Continuous induction sealer, Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Labeling Machines : Automatic Labeling Machine, Semi Automatic Labeling Machine

Sealing Machines : CSM 100 H- Continuous film sealing machine, SPS-100 H Vertical film sealing machine, CSM-100 GH With GAS Automatic inflating film sealing machine, HSM - H series hand impulse sealer, PSM-SA-450-H Semi-auto sealer, PSM series Foot stamping sealer with Aluminium body

Vacuum Packaging Sealing Machines : VSM-400 H Desktop Vacuum Packager, VSM-500 H Single-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, DCVSM-400H Double-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, DCVSM-500 H Double-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, DCVSM-500 GH Double-Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, MVS 350 H Household Vacuum Packager

Shrink Pack Sealing Tunnel Machine : SPS-20- H Automatic sleeve wrapper, SPL-20-WH- Semi-automatic sleeve wrapper (Pneumatic), SPS- 58H Thermal shrink packaging machine, SPS 55HI Thermal shrink packaging machine, SPS 500 H Thermal shrink packaging machine, SPL-400 H Semi-auto L-type sealer & BS-A450 Shrink tunnel, ML-450 H Manual L-type sealer, MSP550 H- 2 IN 1 Shrink packager, SPS -500 H Series PE Film thermal shrink packaging machine, Jet PE film shrink packaging machine, SPL-450 Continuous Seal-cut-shrink combined packaging machine

Carton Tapping Sealing Machines : CTM-600 H Carton Sealing Machine, CTM-600 CH Printer, ACTM-600 H Automatic carton sealing machine

Box Strapping Machines : BSM-8020 H Semi-automatic strapping machine, BSM 8020 LH -Semi-automatic strapping machine

Form Fill Seal ( Ffs ) Machines : Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Automatic Form Filling Machines and Automatic Form Sealing Machines which have the following unique features
• Ideal for all types of powders, liquid, paste, granules etc.
• Maximum filling range from1gms to 1kg (with different filling systems and machines)
• Suitable for 3side /4side / center seal of pouches
• High performance fillingsystems attached like auger, cups, liquid pistons, weighers etc.
• Available in single / double / multiple heads
• High sealing capability with mechanical/pneumatic system
• On line coding attachments (e.g. contact, Inkjet)
• Maximumoutput:25-100 pouches / minimum
• Stock supply :50 machines / month
• Delivery in 15 days

Liquid Filling Sealing Packaging Machines : Automatic Liquid Filling Machine-Model- ALFM-1000 -H, Semi -Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Model- LFM-500 H, AS1000 Automatic liquid packaging machine, AS2000 Automatic liquid packaging machine, AS2000P Automatic liquid packaging machine

Automatic Paste Ointment Filling Packaging Machines : Specialize in Manufacturing Automatic Paste Filling Machines, Ointment Filling Machines, Paste Packaging Machine, Ointment Packaging Machines which are suitable to fill any type of viscous paste, creams, shampoo, food paste pickles, chutney, wax, petroleum jelly, ointment, tooth paste, honey, chavanprash, paints, adhesives etc. in bottles, jars, cans, stand-up pouches, tubes etc.Our machines exhibit the following features

• Maximum filling capacity: 0.5gms-5kg
• Available in 1 / 2 / 4 heads
• Works on positive base piston filling principles
• Available in SS304, SS316 and GMP models
• Available in automatic version with conveyor and stopper mechanism
• Available in PLC based control system
• Adjustable speed drives
• For few critical products, there are also vertical pistons available.
• They can be synchronized easily to online machines zone like capper, induction sealer, cartonator, washer, labeler etc.
• The filling accuracy range is +/- 0.5-2% by weight
• The output range is 10-50 bottles /min
• The stock supply is 50 machines /month
• The delivery time is 25 days (max.)
• Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Powder Filling Packaging Machines : offer a wide range of Automatic Powder Filling Machines, Automatic Powder Packaging Machines which are generally used in various powder / granule filling purposes in the industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. These filling machines are available in the following salient features

• Fully automatic
• Ideal for 5 gm-1kg powder filling
• available in single / double / multiple heads for efficiency
• Accuracy in filling
• Available in GMP / SS304 / SS316 make part attachments
• Synchronized with online machining zones with capers, labelers etc.
• Clutch break mechanism
• Pneumatic stopper mechanism
• Filling accuracy range : +/- 0.5-2% by weight

Tube Filling –Sealing Coding Machine : excel in manufacturing Automatic Tube Filling Machines, Automatic Tube sealing Machines, Automatic Tube coding machines which exhibit the following features
• Ideal for the filling, sealing and coding applications in almunimium, LD, lami tubes.
• Suitable for filling 2gm to 200 gm of ointment, gums and lotions
• Available in rotary / linear models
• Available in single or double heads
• Auto drip-free filling for high effiency
• Imported sealing and crimping unit
• Online coding attachment
• Maximum output: 30 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 tubes per min
• Maximum supply: 25 machines per month
• Delivery in maximum 30 days

Biscuit Flow Wraps Packaging Machines : Horizontal Flow Wraps Biscuit Machines, Family Pack Biscuit Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines, Horizontal Flow Wrap Biscuit Machines, Horizontal Flow Wrap Biscuit Machines

Blister Pack Machines : Automatic Blister Pack Machine Specialized in Manufacturing which are having Automatic Blister packaging machine the following unique features

• Ideal for packing tablets, capsules and other solid objects
• Suitable for ALU-ALU / ALU-PVC blisters
• Available in single / double track and with rotary / flat bed models
• Maximumformingarea: 250mm X 110mm X 25mm
• PLC based control with touch screen application
• Add-on imported tablet feeding, detection and rejection system
• Stocksupply: 25machinespermonth
• Maximum delivery in 25 days.

Automatic Bottle Washing Machines, Automatic Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Bottle Capping Machine : Automatic 3-in-1 Rinsing Filling Capping Machine, BF2000 Automatic bottle washing Machinery, Automatic Filling Machines, Automatic Capping Machines, BF2000A Automatic Bottle Washing Machines, Automatic Filling Machine and Automatic Capping Machine, Automatic Capping Machine

Automatic Cup Filling Machine and Automatic Cup Sealing Machines : BG32A Automatic Cup Filling Machines and Automatic Cup Sealing Machines, BG60A Automatic Cup Filling Machines and Automatic Cup Sealing Machine, BG60V / 32V Automatic Cup Filling Machines and Automatic Cup Sealing Machines, CFD - 8 Automatic Cup Filling Machine and Automatic Cup Sealing Machine - Pneumatic
Address : 26, 1st Flr., Surve I.E., Sonawala Cross Rd.No.1, Nr.Goregaon Rly.Stn., Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 26850307 / 240
Fax No : (022 ) 26850240

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Product Activities :
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Motion Control Device, Industrial Automation Systems, Servo Systems, Pneumatic Based Automation, NC Controllers, Motion Controllers for PM, PC Based Motion Controllers, Labelling Machines, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Paper Cutting Machines, Paper Embossing Machines, Batch Coding, Form Filling, Cutting Sealing Machinery, Coil Winding Machinery, Bag Making Machinery, A/C, D/C Drives, Stepper Motor Drives, Stepper Motor Controls, Servo Motor Systems, Stepper Motor Systems for OEM & SPM, Linear Servo Motor Systems, Multi Axis Stepper Motors, PCB Drilling Controls, CNC Drilling Controls, Pouch Making Controls, Labelling Machine Controls, Hot Foil Stampings Machine Controls, Cooling Machine Controls, Pad Printing Machine Controls
Address : 7, Sanmitra Soc., Nr.Rajiwade Garden, Sahakar Ngr.No.2, Parvati, Pune - 411009, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (020 ) 24230152
Fax No : (020 ) 24230152



Product Activities :
Suppliers and Exporters of Falcon Exim is India based company specializing in TSC Barcode Printers, Honeywell Barcode Scanners, Videojet Thermal Trans Over printer (TTOL), Labels & Ribbons, Complete Bar coding Solutions.
Company also deals in Automobile Accessories like parking sensors, Rear view camera with TFT LCD display.
Address : 492 - A, Narayan Peth, Pune - 411030, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (020 ) 24489135

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Product Activities :
Dealers, Suppliers and Exporters of various packaging solutions and batch coding equipments.

Heat Sealing Machines : Hand Operated Sealing Machines - (H-Series), Foot Pedal Operated Series Sealing Machines -(F - Series), Tong Sealer (For Heavy Bags / Sacks), Hot Bar Sealer (For Laminated Pouches), Mobile Sealer (Wheel Mounted Movable Sealer), Detergent Packing Machine (Fully Stainless Steel Heat Sealer), Foil Sealer (Cup / Bottle Foil Sealing), Foot Operated (Pedal) Pepsee Machine (Sip-Up Sealer), Hand Operated Pepsee Machine (Sip-up Sealer)
Vacuum Packing Machines : Vacuum Packaging Machines (V-Series), Briquette Tea Vacuum Packaging Machines (VV-Series), Table-Top Vacuum Packaging Machine, Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machine (Cashew Packing Systems), Twin chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine, Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine, Controlled Atmosphere Packaging Machines (CAP-Series), Diaphragm Vacuum Packaging Machines (Chilly/Cushion Packing)
Shrink Wrapping Machines : Table-top Shrink Wrapping Machine, Linear Type Shrink Wrapping Machines - Linear Shrink Tunnel, Rotary Type Shrink Wrapping Machines, L-Type sealing machine for sealing & cutting of Shrink Film
Semi Automatic / Manual Machines for Liquid Packaging : Quick Fill W 1000 - For filling pre set quantity of water in cups / bottle, Quick Fill O 1000 - For filling pre set quantity of oil in cups/bottles, Quick Seal 200 FFW - For filling and sealing preset quantity of water in pouches, Quick Seal 200 FFL- For filling and sealing preset quantity of liquid in pouches, Quick Seal 200 FFLO - For Packing Oil In Pouches, Fill Sealer (For Milk Packing/ Manual Packing of Liquid/Free Flowing Products)

Address : Shop No.11, Vishwa Kumud Apts., 525, Narayan Peth, Nr.Modi Ganpati, Pune - 411030, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (020 ) 32900238

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Address : Station Road, Behind Nagrik Stores, Pandit House, Thane (W) - 400601 Maharashtra ( India )
Phone : +919892707192
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