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Pvc Cables Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters and Dealers

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Pvc Cables

Product Activities :
Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of All Types of Electrical Insulated Wires, Electrical Insulated Cables, High Temperature Cables, Teflon ( PTFE ) Wires / Cables, Silicon Rubber Insulated Cables / Wires, Fibre Glass Cables / Wires, PTFE RTD Cables With SS / F.G. Braided & All Types Of Sleeves, PTFE Hook up wires, PTFE Load wires, PTFE Multicore cables, PTFE Thermocouple wires & cables, PTFE Extension and compensating wires, PTFE Rf co-axial cables, PTFE ( Corona Resistant ) High voltage cables, PTFE Heating Cable, Fibre Glass Cables, Fibre Glass Sleeves, Silicon Rubber Insulated Cables, Silicon Rubber Insulated Sleeves, Teflon Wires, Teflon Cables, PTFE Sleeves, PTFE ( Teflon ) Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wires, PTFE ( TEFLON ) Sleeves, Copper Braided Flexible Strips

Load Cells & pressure transducers, thermocouple, Heat Arc Sensing leads, Aircraft Radar and navigation , Navy, Electronic Control Equipment - Atomic Energy, Satellite Launching, Ground Control, Reactors & Process Control, Computers, High Performance Motors, Rectifiers, High Temperature Control value Furnace and oven

Address : 106, Ardeshir Dady Str., Ponda Bldg., Nr. C.P.Tank, Mumbai - 400004, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 23822877 / 65751848 / 23861153
Fax No : (022 ) 23809236
WebSite :



Product Activities :
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of XLPE Cables, PVC insulated Cable, Armoured Cables, Unarmoured Cable, Sheathed Wire and Cables, Unsheathed Wires and Heavy Duty cables

Address : Geeta Griha Bldg.,1st Flr., Lohar Chawl, Picket Rd., Mumbai - 400002, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 22052462 / 22052872 / 22004654
Fax No : (022 ) 22004652



Pvc Cable

Activities :
Specialist In Screen / Shielded (Copper Braided) Cables), Instrument / Signal Cables, Co-Axial Cables & Camera Cables, PCM & Computer / LAN Cables, Telephone Cables, Fibre Glass / Asbestos Cables, Compensating / Thermocouple Cables, Silicon Rubber / EPR / Tray Link Cables & Silicon Sleeves, NVN Cables, Speaker & Microphone Cables, PVC Multicore Flexible & Submersible Cables, AAC & ACSR Conductors, Armored & Unarmored Cables

Address : 2A/B, Shah & Gandhi Mansion, Bldg.No.6, Tak Wadi, B/h.DHL Couriers, Kalbadevi Rd., Mumbai-400002, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 22063106
Fax No : (022 ) 22063106
WebSite :



Activities :
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Power Cables, Coaxial Cables, Shielded Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Flexible Cables, Screen Cables, Fire Alarm Security Cables, Signal Cables, PCM Cables, FRLS Sheathed Cables, Coppers Braided Cables, Thermocouple Compensating Cables

Address : B-101/102, Rushabh Plaza, Pleasant Park, Mira Road (E) - 401107 Dist.Thane, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 65070550 / 64184428 / 28967408
Fax No : (022 ) 28967408
WebSite :



Pvc Cables

Product Activities :
Wires and Cables Dealer, L.T. PVC & XLPE Power Cables With Copper / Aluminium Conductor, L.T. PVC & XLPE Control Cables, H.T. XLPE CABLES, Instrumentation Cables Screened / Unscreened Type In Pvc / Ldpe ThermoCouple Compensating & Extension Cables, Frls / Fr / Hr / Hffr / Hofr / Rubber / Ldpe Power, Control & Instrumentation Cables, Flexibles S Housewires (Single & Multicore), Railway Signaling Cables, Fire Survival, Zero Halogen Cables, Telephone Cables - Dry & Jelly Filled, Automobile Cables & Harnesses, Mining / Welding - Rubber Cables, Epr / Silicone / High Temp. Cables, Submersible Cables / Winding Wires, Structured Cables / Co-Axiel Cables, Aerial Bunched Cables, Lan Cat 5 / 5e Cables, Optical Fibre Cables, Single & Multicore Cables, Copper & Steel Braided, Control, Data & Power Cables, Heat resistant Cables upto 400o C Continuos Temperature, Robotic Cables, Track cables, Halogen Free Cables, lift & Reeling Cables, Bus Cables, Silicone, PTFE, FEP, PUR insulated Cables, UL, CSA Approved Cables, Thermocouples & RTD, Power - Control Cables - Aluminium, Power - Control Cables - Copper, Copper Flexible Cables, Cable & Wires, Aac Cables, Acsr Cables, Air Cables, Aircraft Cables, Aircraft Wires, Aluminium Cables, Aluminium Cords, Aluminium Polyster Tape Cables, Armoured Cables, Asbestos Cables, Brass Cables, C Track Festoon Cable System, Cable Cords, Cable Drag Chains, Cable Manufacturer, Cable Reeling Drums, Cable Shrouds, Cables Singal & Multicore / Pair, Cctv Camera Wire, Ceramic Coating Wire, Co-axial Cables, Communication Cables, Compantion Cables, Compensating Cables, Computer Cables, Control Cables, Copper Braided Cables, Copper Cables, Copper Wires, Coppers Breaded Cables, Cords, Current Collector Columns, Databus Cables, Domestic Control Cables, Electrical Cables, Electrical Wires, Enamelled Copper Wire, Enclosed Festoon Cable Systems, Equipment Wires, Ethernet Cable, Explosion Proof Festoon Cable System, Extension Cables, Fibre Glass Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Fire Alarm Security Cables, Flat Cables, Flexible Cables, Flexible Screen Cables, High Temperature Cables, High Voltage Cables, Hookup Cables, L.t.Cables, Lead Wires, M.s.wires ( Cables ), Mica Insulation Cables, Mild Steel Cables, Power Cables, Ptfe ( Teflon ) Copper Cables, Pvc Cables, Pvc Cords, Rtd Cables, Rubber Cables, Screened Cables, Shielded Cables, Signal Cables, Silicone Rubber Insulated Cables, Teflon Cables, Teflon Coated Cables, Teflon Flexible Copper Cables, Thermo Couple Cables, Thermocouple Cables, Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Thermocouple Extension Cables, Triaxial Cables, Unshielded Cables, Xlpe Cables

Address : D / 1225, 12, Karnik Heritage, 3rd Flr., F.C.Rd., Shivajinagar, Pune - 411004, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (020 ) 25511860 / 41228330
Fax No : (020 ) 25511860
WebSite :



Activities :
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Of Cables Underthe Banner Of Polytex Cables, Specialised in Screen Cables, Multicore Screen Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Signal Cable, PCM Pair Cables, Armoured / Unarmoured Cables

Address : 9, Shukla Compound, W.E.Highway, Opp. Gas Godown, Nr. Datta Mandir, Dahisar (E), Mumbai-400068, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 28978625 / 9819959069 / 9322506629
Fax No : (022 ) 28480034
WebSite :



Activities :
AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTORS, Suppliers & STOCKIEST of : All Kinds of Teflon & Teflon related Products since 1985

PTFE / TeflonŽ Wires, Cables & Sleeves, PTFE / TeflonŽ Gland Packing / Universal Packing, PTFE / TeflonŽ Thread Seal, Tapes, PTFE / TeflonŽ Cloth, Fabric & Adhesive Tapes, PTFE / TeflonŽ Rods, Sheets, Bushes & Profiles, Poly-urethane Rods, Sheets, Pipes Rollers

Address : 126/128, Nagdevi Street, 2nd Flr., Mumbai - 400003, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 66349695 / 23403706
Fax No : (022 ) 23403706
WebSite :



Product Activities :
Manufacturer and Suppliers of ISI Wires ande Cables, PVC Insulated Copper House Wires, Flexible Multicore Copper Cables, Submersible Copper Cables, Aluminium Service Wires, Auto and Panel Wires
Address : S.No.110 / 1 / 1, Vijay Ngr., Kalewadi, Pimpri, Pune - 411017, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (020 ) 64109400
WebSite :



Activities :
Suppliers and Exporters of different types of Cables, Specialist In Screen / Shielded Copper Braided Cables, Instrument / Signal Cables, Co-Axial Cables & Camera Cables, PCM & Computer / LAN Cables, Telephone Cables, Fibre Glass / Asbestos Cables, Compensating / Thermocouple Cables, Silicon Rubber / EPR / Tray Link Cables & Silicon Sleeves, NVN Cables, Speaker & Microphone Cables, PVC Multicore Flexible & Submersible Cables, AAC & ACSR Conductors, Armored & Unarmored Cables, Cables For Instrumentation, Tailor Made Cables - Speciality Cables

Address : 2A/B, Shah & Gandhi Mansion, Bldg.No.6, Tak Wadi, B/h.DHL Couriers, Kalbadevi Rd., Mumbai-400002, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 22063106
Fax No : (022 ) 22063106

WebSite :



Activities :
Manufacturer and Supplier of Electric Wires & Cables, All Types Of Armoured & Unarmoured Cables In All Sizes, Flexible Wires, Household Wires, PVC Flexible Cable, PVC insulated and sheathed multicore flat cables, LT / PVC / XLPE Power and Control Cables, KV Copper Power Control Cables, Heavy Duty Armoured And Unarmoured Cables, PVC Flexible Cables, Single Core Flexible Cables, Multicore Flexible Cables, Co - Axial Cables, Flame Retardant Low Smoke Cables
Address : Plot No. 55/2, Pathan Wadi, Opp.Powai Filter, Aarey Rd., Powai, Mumbai - 400087, Maharashtra, India
Tel.No : (022 ) 28574786 / 28573619
Fax No : (022 ) 28574570
WebSite :


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Address : Station Road, Behind Nagrik Stores, Pandit House, Thane (W) - 400601 Maharashtra ( India )
Phone : +919892707192
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